Sometimes your customers need a "push"

While traditional email marketing still represented the dominant medium in the sales approach, but now on Apps generation "pushed" like crazy and poking among users quite on appeal. Almost half of all consumers who download an app, push messages has activated in their apps. A great opportunity comes especially at Christmas time because with a sophistic- requested push marketing concept. Push Marketing can not only increase the opening rate by over 300%, but also increase the conversion rate by product-specific marketing. More generally, they also ensure (if used correctly) for more recurring App sessions and thus more revenue.

What sort push messages?

Up to 150 characters are the "Pusher" available. But one should take advantage of them? When creating the message, it is important to consider some points:
·       Too long text scores of that information cannot be read.
·       Push messages should provide short and crisp information, be detectable in 2 seconds and convince them to open the app.

·       Active marketing that prompts an action is recommended.

Other examples of eye-catching or unusual push messages:

·       "Customize Suits: 20 € for free!" – Jodhpur Tailor Store
·       "Jack & Jones Sale // up to 65% discount" – Amazon
A study has shown that push messages to open with 10 or less second most frequently, so it is advisable to choose short and crisp formulations and not to overdo it with the formulation of the texts.

When shipped to push messages best?

Our years of experience in Christmas marketing with over 100 merchants has shown that is purchased via their mobiles just in the evenings. Also at the weekend will increasingly buy mobile - especially on Sundays. During this time, the push delivery therefore worth more.

In general, different audiences, different location, different shipping times require. In the B2B business for example rather shopped during the week, because to deal the people on weekdays to work with the interesting for them. In the B2C area, it is vice versa. Every online retailer should therefore find the right shipping times for his business.

Practice creates masters!


Too many push messages can be quickly perceived as annoying and ensure that the app is uninstalled. For example, daily with news apps multiple messages perfectly OK and the user expectation accordingly, is likely to have the same intensity at an online store for safe deactivation of push messages or even uninstall the app lead. It is therefore advisable to send no more than 1-2 push messages per week and always to keep the effects in the eye.

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After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with more than one billion users. Every day on YouTube billions of video views. The total duration of the prestigious Video minutes increasing every year by 50% over the previous year (Source: YouTube).

Its long range makes the video portal so interesting for companies. Similarly, such as the App Store Optimization, Video SEO is a relatively new division of search engine optimization. I want to show you in this article how to make your videos on page 1 of Google and YouTube search results.

How do I produce a Good Video?

Your videos should be produced necessarily in the best quality, because in bad image and / or sound, viewers will quickly look for a more pleasant alternative. This means you need an HD camera, a high-quality microphone and a good illumination. Good equipment can be rented in every major city on a daily basis.

File name of your video should match with keywords included in Title and Content. Therefore, pay attention before upload to an appropriate name. This cannot be changed retrospectively. It is useful here to use dashes instead of spaces.

Business YouTube channel:

Your channel should be visually attractive. This means that a background image and logo should be uploaded. The recommended size for channel images is currently 2560 x 1440 pixels and the maximum file size is 2 MB. The logo should have high resolution quality and be at least 250 x 250 pixels in size.

In "Channel Info " add a descriptive text about your channel. Since this is indexed by Google, it should contain keywords that are important to your business. On the same page you should also insert links. This can lead to your profiles in social media (G +, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), but necessarily to your website and possibly also directly to the relevant sub-pages. Up to five links can be made visible to visitors of your channel. To act trustworthy and reputable, the description text should include all contact details of your company.

On your channel, you can select how the display is to be recurring subscribers and new visitors. I recommend you recurring subscribers introduce your newest video, but to show new visitors your main video.

How can I get high click-through rates?

You can optimize your uploaded video under " Video Manager " and then " Videos " to access the optimization opportunities for your individual uploads. Go with each video once on "Edit”. Here can then perform several actions.

Enter an appealing title for your video. The title will be truncated in the YouTube search from about 60 characters. Stay below this value. A match of video file name and title is sensible file extension, and hyphens. The upper and lower case must be correct. Remember that the user should feel addressed by this title.

If you have followed all of the above tips, your channel is optimized for both YouTube and Google. You are welcome to set the optimization of channel and videos in our hands.

Guest Post By: Enriq West a Content writer, blogger and part time Mobile app developer in India.

You simply can’t underestimate the power and influence of Mobile.

Statistics show the rise of mobile use and also overtakes desktop very soon.

Prediction show that by 2018, Global mobile data traffic will reach a yearly run rate of 190 exabytes. (An Exabytes is equal to 1 billion gigabytes)

 What are users doing on Mobile?

1.      5 % access content and information.
2.      1 % access the Internet
3.      1% check their email.
4.      2 % use mobile to listen music
5.      46% are gamers and play Games.
6.      7% download and use mobile apps
7.      15% users use mobile to make online purchases.
8.      15% read the tutorials.

So, you’re thinking about going mobile?  You’ve heard something about it being “the next big thing”, that will completely change the way users interact with your business. So we have an outstanding infographic which lead you to know the rise of mobile vs desktop. This infographic brought to you by ERS computer solutions. 

Guest Post By : Shruti A Content Writer and Business Development Executive at Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur

As we all know that, E-commerce business is growing rapidly and it has become a challenging industry too. Sometimes the business of E-commerce will success or sometimes it will fail. So what will be the main consequence of failing the business?

Are they not satisfying the needs of customers? Are there websites not so much attractive? Are they not providing proper navigation?

There can be many questions, In this article we will discuss some of the techniques/methods which an E-commerce Website owner can adopt to get the rank of his website.

Branding is the main thing which makes your business grow, if you have not done the proper marketing of your brand, then definitely your business will not provide the output. Use advertisement, banners etc. to brand your Website, generate more and more leads.
Sometimes the visitors come to your website and return back because they couldn’t be able to find the stuffs which they are looking. People have to be able to navigate to the product which they want. The UX of your website should focus more on the visitor’s confidence by helping them to reach towards the goal.

Indulge some art in website to attract new customers.

Try to give some real art effects to your website. It definitely attracts the customers to visit your web site at least once. Animated videos, cool images, and nice quotes these are the things which give attractive and beautiful look to your website.

-         Generally, what a customer look when they visit your website first time?

-         The stuffs which they are looking must be available

-         Proper navigation

-         Complete details regarding the product

Try experimenting with E-mail methods:

This is not new, but some E-commerce site will do this, just do catch customer attention. When the user visits your website, a dialog box or light box will appear which ask the user to share their Email address to get daily news letter updates regarding the offers, and discounts and many more.

Most of the time user ignore it, but if they something interesting and attractive in your website, then they will definitely subscribe for the newsletter.
Else, you put this option later, once the user gets interacted with your website. So their purpose of navigation the site at least somewhat fulfilled before requesting the personal information.

Big and beautiful images:

A big can express the words more and more when the user visits the product page. The images which will be seen on the product page is the hero of your movie. It works as a lead vocalist of the rock band. The image should be exciting, attractive, zoom-able and must be places above the fold and must be of jaw-dropping quality. Try to show the images at 360-degree view. Larger the product photos sometimes divert the mind of user to but the product if he is not willing to buy. 

These are the small things, which matters a lot for the E-commerce site.

Long Scroll:

Long Scrolling, though this technique is old. But it is still in demand, many mobile apps and web app developers are using it give interactive and beautiful look to the website. This technique helps the best when you open the website in Mobile Device.

This technique works very well for those websites, where you want to tell the story and want to lead the users through the story for more interaction. Long Scrolling won’t prevent you from creating the multi-pages by breaking the scroll into clear sections.

Motion Animations:

 Motion animation is something new and the coolest trend in the E-commerce website design. These are beautiful and give outstanding look to the product demonstration, by watching this almost half of the user get attracted band buy your product. Motion animation is very important for such industries as it gives unforgettable shopping experience in the field of fashion, jeweler and gifts shops etc.

Card-like Layouts:

The most interactive design patterns in E-commerce website is Card-like Layouts. Cards is a way of organizing different topics and products in such a way that is pleased to someone`s eyes and ease to use.

The best thing of Card-like layouts is- easy to make it responsive.
This card-layouts will help you to distinguish the topics over the others. It divides the content of cards in a very simple navigation and also improves the user experience. This is the reason why it so much famous in E-commerce Websites. These type of design get the user attention more or you can make a banner card with the sale announcement, which could be integrated into the list of products or categories.

Responsive Design:

Responsive design this is the must have feature for every online store. It is important to make your design mobile-friendly, although it should be displayed nicely on all the devices. Actually, it has become the trend towards browsing and shopping on high-resolutions devices like TVs

In this era, where mobile devices are more than the people, so they start browsing your website at the lunch time and finish it on their way to home. So, it is very essential to create the multi-device support of your E-commerce Website design.


Testing and iteration are the two only ways to uncover more and more ideas for your E-commerce website. Ask for the feedback and try to get the experts advice.

So, these are few simple and creative methods which one can use in 2016 to get their E-commerce site on the top.
The industry of smartphone application development is growing rapidly and coming up with new & innovative ideas in less amount of time. As we have already seen the application development business growing from smartphones to tablets to wearable gadgets and IOT (Internet of Things).

In the coming time we are going to see incredible changes in the smart phone app development in India.

Here I am sharing the top 10 changes which you will surely to see in smart phone app development in the near future.

1. Rapid smartphone development

As the demand of intense projects increasing and to completing those on time the smart phone app development industry are working hard. With the increasing requests, the organizations are hoping to dispatch it in given time by increasing the speed. The fundamental center of smartphone application engineers in 2015 have said to decrease the time between Ideation and dispatch.

In the coming future we are going to see some fast and rapid delivery of the projects and the improved apparatuses and structures in business sector.

2. Cloud driven

The cloud innovation is going to be the key part of smart phone application development. The application designers are concentrating more on the capacity and making it easier for the consumers to sync their applications on different gadgets. With the help of cloud methodology, the designers empower to assemble the same capacity and elements and information in all the gadgets.

3.  Application security

There were many reports identified in 2015 with the security and data spills. Nowadays people are afraid to enter and store their card details in app, because there are some changes of hacking. The programmers are working on this serious issue and in the coming future, people will not face any problem related to hacking and data spills. The application will be designed in such a way to keep person information encrypted.

4. Wearable Tech

Since the Apple had launched their Apple Watch, all companies took part in the race and start manufacturing their watch. The market of the wearable tech is growing more rapidly. Though the probability of hacking also increased. I think that day is not so far when all the features of phone will be seen in Watch.

5. M-business, Banking and Smartphone Payments

The E-Marketer said that almost 30 % of the retail commerce will be made on smartphone or tablet. In the coming future the customers move towards the M-Business. Using the phone to pay bills or to buy something will likewise to be turn normal in the coming future. In Google Wallet and Apple Play, where people can keep their money to buy or rent anything. The smartphone app designers fabricate the applications that can handle exchanges without the need of physical charge/ Master cards or money.

6.  Beacon and location based Wi-Fi services

Beacon is an internationally conspicuous device which is designed to attract attention to a specific location. Apple has already start innovating this technology in iOS that speaks with their systems of iBeacons and now Android also start innovative this Beacon technology. As the people are getting free Wi-Fi access everywhere, by which many organizations have effectively put resources into Wi-Fi and the business keep on showing the pattern of cell arrangements. Wi-Fi lives up to expectations for the indoor encounters where cell network can be tense and organizations can know where their clients are and then they will permit to give particular substance right on the cellular telephones.

The organizations have come with the idea of Wi-Fi Max which empower the organizations to draw in customers on their smartphone through Wi-Fi and can give permissions of administrations and substances.

7. Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things has become more popular in individuals, associating by the means of different gadgets. The information of application also get incorporated on different joined gadget.  It will motivate the application engineers to concentrate all on client encounter on different gadgets. With Internet of Things, the client engagement administrative stages in view of Wi-Fi or Beacon innovation will get a leap forward to help organizations achieve by the means of application at the opportunities time and correct spot.

8. Enormous Data and App Analytics

As the demand of internet of things increased the need of application execution and investigation also start developing in the different projects. The more concentration on enormous information and investigation will be seen in the near future. The mobile phone app developers focus more on developing new information and techniques in their applications to get more bits of knowledge and significant things to live up to their customers desires and provide them fruitful applications.

9. The development of big business applications

After the innovation of IOT, more customers will influencing towards it and start making rapid changes in existing mobile application. Enterprises of Things (IOT for Enterprises) will become a noteworthy support. With this the developers also permitting the B2B application trades. This is something an enormous open door for application developers to chip away at building and overseas application for Enterprise Market.

10. In-app advertisements and purchasing

The application development spent more on every smart phone. The smartphone Ads system will go so far and incorporated and try different things with different commercial arrangements. The smartphone application promoting and in-application buys become an essential center of adaption and a key to accomplishment because more application designers moving far from the paid download model.


These are the some changes which we are going to see in near future and which also change the living way of people.

Stay tuned!! For more trending information on the smartphone app development.
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