Why need mobile apps for Ecommerce companies in 2016

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Mobile is becoming now one of the essential needs of eCommerce and clear way of eCommerce growth and development. Currently, the mobile commerce sector volume is supposed at approx 40 million dollars. More than one-third of the traffic of mobile visits account comes from the leading eCommerce sites. Trending outlets are also getting a great number of visitors who do their research using mobile before or during shopping. Some technologies like beacons are still improving store shopping for customers. The question often arose that do you have a good mobile app that can take advantage of this growth in mobile commerce. There is some reason that why mobile apps are very much significant for the eCommerce.

1.      Most of the consumers like and prefer to use mobile applications on smartphones rather than a mobile browser. The usage on tablets is almost similar between mobile browsers and smartphone. However, generally, traffic comes more from the tablets rather than the smartphone.

2.      Push notifications are also one of the most important benefits of a mobile application. With any mobile app, a user can receive a message like 70 percent off today, without opening their browser or the mobile app. Users open the app right away or decide to visit the store.As long as users keep the app on their mobile devices so that you can stay in touch with them. The push notification services handle user engagements and help in the sales.

3.      There is no any need to remember the store URL, Users just click on app icon link and they can view the products and results and deals based on their preferences. The work performance is achieved in almost every native mobile app while in a website you will face many problems with achieving the same performance by using new HTML tools that promise a better experience.

4.      Do you know that sixty-seven percent of mobile shoppers only use mobile apps for their special brands. A shopping survey defines that relationship between the shopper and the brand enhanced with the apps. Now vendors can offer mobile-only deals or coupons to remunerate their mobile users which increased app popularity and app engagement.

5.      The mobile app should be a keystone of your mobile strategy. Broadcasting the mobile app on the app stores is a first step to start a relationship with your app visitors. Analytics from your mobile app will definitely help you to upgrade your app and control user behaviours.

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